How To Get Followers And Likes For Your Instagram Account

Instagram an application for sharing photos is surely doing well. In less than 10 months of existence, the photo sharing app instagram has managed to gain 6 million users. And it is growing rapidly showing no sign of slowing down. It has now become a major social network with over 150 million users.

It is not only for teenagers now because much of their activity is nailed down to a scientific method that any big or small business can emulate.

Everybody wants to get more likes and followers for their instagram account because most users won’t attract thousands of followers overnight. So what steps should be taken? How to get more likes on instagram? How to get more followers on instagram? In this article we will discuss few strategies to get more likes and followers on instagram because getting more followers and likes is essential in increasing your instagram presence.

Post only the best photos:

“When posting photos to instagrams, it’s best to be selective”

Someone has rightly said:

“One picture can create better impact than 1000 words”

The photos that get the strongest response are especially attractive, interesting and well-composed photographs.

Don’t publish every photo you take, publish only the best ones. And also keep this in mind that publishing all the best photos at the same time might result in that your followers may miss them and get annoyed. So do so with moderation.

Promote your Instagram photos on your facebook page:

By promoting your instagram photos on your facebook page will turn your facebook fans into instagram followers which will ultimately also increases the number of likes on your instagram photos. As this is probably the most obvious way to grow your instagram likes and followers.

Liking other people’s photos generates more followers and likes:

By liking hundreds of photos of individuals that are not your followers, not only help you to increase your likes but also increases the number of followers. Because interacting with other users on instagram is the best way to get them interacting with you. This is the easiest way for you to expand your reach with audience.

Combine multiple Photos:

You can encourage more likes, followers and comments for your instagram account by posting multiple photos combined into one single photo. Make sure it reflects a great story as great content is a key!

Multiple photos combined into single photo tend to get 19.41% more likes than images that are not collage like images.

Use Popular Hashtags:

The top way people find new photos on instagram is hashtags. If you use popular hashtags within your photos, they are more likely to be discovered by others. The most popular hashtag on instagram is #love. Here are few popular hashtags listed below:












If you want to grow your account by a few hundred likes and followers, the best way to accomplish it is to randomly like pictures. This is a tedious task but works really well.

And if you follow the suggestions given above, then you will ultimately get more likes and followers for your instagram account.

So, what other ways can help you to get your instagram likes and followers?


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